Student Job Opportunities

Position Title: Graduate Student/Office Assistant
Department: Academic Resources Center
Location: Daniels Hall 1st floor
Students Required: 1
Hours per week: 20
Federal Funding: Optional
Job Description: The Graduate Assistant will work 20 hours a week assisting the Director of Disability Services and Academic Resources in the provision of services directly related to Disability Services. Duties may include, hiring notetakers, creating e-texts, assisting in the day to day operation of the test center.
Requirements: The applicant must be current cum graduate student and be available to start work in January 2009. The job requires that the applicant be available during the normal office hours, Monday- Friday, 9 �C 4:30 Good communication skills and some technical background helpful to position.
Contact Person: JoAnn Van Dyke
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 5235