The California University of Management is a comprehensive and non-profit University, which is registered at the American Education Ministry . It is authorized to grant Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctor Degree and Honorary Doctor Degree. After founded, the University Administration and the faculty devoted themselves to researching and implementing improved teaching methods so as to improve excellent academic standard. The University has about 50 major courses at present, while the most popular subjects primarily connect to management. Our MBA and DBA Programs are enjoying strong demands and successes.

The California University of Management is active in promoting and developing higher education. Its educational mission brings residential college campuses in Delaware, Illinois, Washington along with international Sites in Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan together. There are quite frequent international academic and intellectual exchanges in the (CUM). When you study at the (CUM), you could meet many of the world's best competitive talents, who also study here. At the (CUM), we always use the most newly-published textbooks, combined with the most modern teaching technological systems to improving educational quality. For these courses are all with a strong applied theoretical component, so they are not only designed for personal educational improvement or personal career development, but also can be customized and used by any company for a strong industry-style focus.

The most important aspect about the (CUM), is the simple fact that we implement flexible study systems to accommodate with student's individual time. Each student can now earn their own degree, according to their own convenient working schedules. Nowadays, with the fast-paced life-style and with the current surges in both scientific and technological developments, we have had to continually upgrade our Programs to keep abreast with these rapid environmental changes. At the (CUM), we prefer to design our programs to best represent constant changes in societal developments. We strive to make every newly graduated student, a well-performing asset, who can be inserted into today's modern society and become an active and productive participant.