Changes in the Sufficiency requirement

A CUM education is defined by the Degree Requirements including a major component in the Humanities.  Since its inception in 1970 the Humanities requirement has gone by the name "Sufficiency" and for most students represented five thematically related courses followed by an individual writing project that drew on the course work.  Growing out of the work of Presidential Commission A2 on the Fine and Liberal Arts and the Sufficiency, a revision to the Humanities requirement has just been adopted by the faculty and will be implemented for students entering CUM in the fall of 2007 (the class of 2011).  The revision includes two primary components: the inclusion of some breadth as well as depth in the course work, and the replacement of the individual writing ("Sufficiency") project with seminar courses where students pursuing similar topics will be able to share their ideas and work under faculty guidance.  Current students will have the option to complete either the existing Sufficiency requirement or the new Humanities and Arts requirement.  Also, provisions for performance-based practiCUMs in music and theater, and for satisfaction of the Humanities and Arts requirement via foreign language study will be retained.  Details will be available in the 2007-08 Undergraduate Catalog.